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The real estate company Domaine Nouvelle France G.P., has designed with its professionals a very trendy housing model for baby boomers, commuters, future retirees and for seniors, a housing design quite Avant-garde to meet the needs of the real estate market. All these future buyers have a common desire to be owners, while having access to several services.

SIDNF is a real estate developer with concept for sale or for the purchase of land and for the construction of residential, commercial and healthy mini-houses and homes for short-term rental tourism including real estate services related to investments, developments, investments and financial management as well as for the promotion of construction of other types of residential construction.

New housing Concept (35 m2 Mini-houses and more)

The new high-end housing formula of the new France real estate company G.P. includes a guarantee of (5) years of new construction according to the building Code for the construction of solid wood houses, wood or log style logs Cabin, Novoclimat House; Energy efficiency According to the Quebec Construction Code; Improvement criteria according to the Quebec Building Authority (RBQ): EnergyStar certified windows with a minimum energuide rating of + 80 points out of 100; Wooden or high-end kitchen cabinets. Granite countertops or according to the customer's choice. Wood and ceramic Floors; Central aeration; Filtered and zoned air conditioning; Treated wood exterior coating; Natural fireplace with wood or gas, at the choice of the buyer.

Be a tenant or owner

Owning, generally, is the best financial solution, especially now in our era of low mortgage interest rates, but also at low returns on most investments. A property or condominium remains a safe value, with the quality of construction by professionals chosen by S.I.D.N.F. G.P. and incorporating a new home warranty.

An investment and a heritage

A thoughtful investment is an asset that can be left in inheritance and this new housing formula offers another significant benefit, namely to be owner allows to cope in a serene way to a longer than expected longevity. After twelve (12) years, there is nothing left to the tenant of the amount paid in rent which could have been used to buy his house, his cottage or his mini-house, even taking into account an investment of his funds.

Purchase costs about fifty percent (50%) cheaper in monthly instalments. At SIDNF G.P., one goes further, one can easily prove supporting figures, that buying a property without a mortgage costs in instalments ± 50% cheaper than renting and with mortgage for a depreciation over fifteen (15) years, the yield is Roughly the same.

Buy Now without living there

This option is available to all new buyers. You have the option to buy now and move in later. This is a profitable investment in the short term and to do this, simply entrust to SIDNF the preferred rental of your home, short or medium term without lease and long term with lease. You will receive the monthly payments without any worries, moreover, on a simple written request from you, you will be able to move your house there and the SIDNF G.P. will arrange to relocate your tenant, if necessary.

Business opportunity

Our company is looking for private investors with capital, self-builders, general contractors with full license to build healthy and green new homes, residential, commercial and mini-homes for Implement our new integrated housing project, a project approved by our municipality.

You can reach us directly on our website or contact one of our advisors. Whether you are a tourist, visitor, resident, entrepreneur or investor, you will find all the information you need. For an appointment, please contact us by phone or email :
Telephone : (450) 533-1111 or (514) 917-2678
Email: info@sidnf.com or sidnfbm@hotmail.com

Benoît Marier
President of SIDNF

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Société Immobilière Domaine Nouvelle France S.E.N.C.
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